Teacher In-Services and Workshops

Dr. Hanna is available to provide educational consulting through a variety of workshops and in-service presentations for your unique educational setting. Please click here to contact her.


Examples of documentation from conference presentations, teacher in-services, and children's music studios.

2017 Conference National Association for the Young Child (NAEYC). November 15–18, 2017 | Atlanta, GA

Music Project Ideas for Reggio-inspired Classrooms Workshop

Over 80 early childhood professionals attended the session.

Over 80 early childhood professionals attended the session.

Documentation from the Bay Area, Elementary Music Educators Conference, November 15, 2016, Cal State Eastbay


Documentation from children's music studios at the Children's Campus, San Francisco State University, May, 2014.


Documentation from the California Music Educators Association Bay Area Conference, January 10, 2014 at San Jose State University


Documentation from the teacher in-service for the Rosenberg Early Childhood Center, a Reggio-inspired preschool in San Francisco, CA, December 2014.

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